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I wrote a book!

Yes! I became a published author this year and to be honest, it's still seems surreal. I always thought my first book would be a children's book but 2021 shook me to my very core and completely changed my life. I wrote this book to heal but after it was finished, I knew I needed to share it with you. This is not a photography book, nor is it a "toot my horn, look what I accomplished" book. It's a raw and real memoir of overcoming people pleasing, perfectionism and over-achieving. It's about my journey to discover that I am enough just being "Julie" and that I don't have to prove myself to be worthy. You will laugh and you will cry, but most of all, you will see yourself in my story and it's my prayer that it will change you as well. 

I don't normally offer signed copies but here is your chance to purchase a Hard Copy, signed just for you or someone you love. I'm also including a special 5x7 fine art print of my work all packaged together and tied with bow!
Price: $30

In case you didn't know...

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All the Pretty Places
Fine Art Notecard Collection
Set of 5 cards and envelopes all captured on film
by Julie Paisley

Set of (5) notecards and envelopes.
Size 4.5x5.5
"French Blue"
SALE $20

Set of (5) notecards and envelopes. 
Size 4.5x5.5
"Pink Paris Fleurs"
SALE $20

Paris Roses
SALE $18

Paris Cafe
SALE $18

Paris Market
SALE $18

Limited Edition FINE ART Notebooks
Matte Finish, 150 pages, Size 5x8

Vintage Cafe
SALE $18

The View
SALE $18

The Ballerina
SALE $18

Limited Edition FINE ART Notebooks
Matte Finish, 150 pages, Size 5x8

Vintage Bookstore
SALE $18

Eiffel Fleurs
SALE $18

Blue Door
SALE $18

Limited Edition FINE ART Notebooks
Matte Finish, 150 pages, Size 5x8



April 8th -13th

May 13th - 18th

May 27th - June 1st

June 19th - 26th

Sept. 30th - Oct. 5th

Oct. 14th - 19th

(Retreats are 5 days & 6 nights)

Retreats Include:
LOdging, Breakfast, transportation during retreat, Activities, tours, surprises, gifts, Location based Storytelling editorial, headshots, rest, free-time and 1.1 time with Julie to talk business.

(Limited to 6 attendees per retreat)

And don't just take my word for it...

"I attended the Cotswolds retreat in June and I cannot say enough good things about the experience! When our original lodging plans fell through close to the trip dates, Julie pivoted (as is her superpower) and found us the most charming cottage instead. The accommodations were beautiful and spacious, with modern amenities while still keeping that Old World charm. Julie and Amy planned impeccable editorial shoots that tied perfectly with our surroundings. The food was fantastic, and the days spent sightseeing in Bath and various Cotswolds villages were a balm for a tired soul. 

If you're just looking for a quick styled shoot to build a destination wedding portfolio, this isn't for you. Our editorial shoot progressed at a leisurely pace, taking our time to try new techniques and connect with the creative team and each other, and were by no means the focal point of the trip. But if you're on the edge of burnout, seeking creative fulfillment balanced with intentional rest, ready to draw inspiration from around the world with like-minded women, you will feel right at home on this retreat." 

My super power is bringing people together to connect and reset. Let me introduce you to my favorite pretty places in Europe while you rediscover your passion for your business again. We all need inspiration and this is exactly what I have created these retreats for.
This is something you do for yourself so that you can be a better wife, partner, mother, and business owner.

Travel changed my life and my business and now I want you to experience this as well.

This is NOT your typical photography retreat. In fact, you don't even need to be a professional photographer to attend. These retreats focus on creativity, rest, travel, culture, new friends, clarity and inspiration.

Retreats are $6500 but save $1000 this weekend only and pay $5500. Low down payment and payment plans are also available. Pay in Full and get your own room without paying extra!

More Info Please!!

Introducing the new
All the Pretty Places Travel Guides
Paris - Vol 1

It's my most popular questions ever...
Where to eat, where to stay, where to shop, what to see?
I've literally been compiling these answers for years and it's finally time to release Vol. 1, the Paris edition.
But, this is not your typical guide to Paris that you can google.
Nope, these are my favorite places, many off the beaten path, curated for you the way I enjoy Paris with my film camera in hand. Oh and did I mention tips? YES, I've included those as well. 
This is a PRESALE for a very special price this weekend only.
The Guide will be available for download on Dec. 15th.
Special Price: $19 (regular price is $39)

And speaking of travel...

Pre-order HERE

Introducing: Everyday Film School

I believe EVERY photographer should learn film. Even if you don't shoot it professionally because it makes you a better digital one. And guess what, contrary to what you might have heard, it doesn't even have to be expensive. In fact, I don't even encourage you to go out and buy a Contax! NOPE, It's not just the camera friends. shooting film involves knowing your film stocks, understanding how to meter and use light and my editing secrets & camera/lens combo to make your 35mm look as dreamy as the Contax 645 without spending a fortune.

FILM does not need to be intimidating, and after 13 years of perfecting it, I'm the perfect person to teach you. Learn to shoot for a hobby, personal work or incorporate it into your photography business. My courses are for those of you who are struggling to get the look you want and for those of you who have never even tried it. I start from the beginning and teach you how to to choose a camera, what film stocks to use and how to rate it for a certain look all while understanding metering and light. And for an extra bonus, I'm going to show you how you can still shoot film on a budget and my special editing trick that I only share with my students!

I will be offering Film School classes throughout the year but here's your chance to jump in first semester and save some money as well!

My courses are meant to be buildable and for this weekend only, purchase them for the lowest price ever!

Are you interested in learning film?

If you are brand new to film or you are shooting film but cannot get the look you want, this course is for you!  You don't even need a film camera yet! No one is teaching what I will be covering in this class. You have to understand the science behind film and the different film stocks. I'm even adding in my top secret editing tips to help your 35mm look like medium format. This is a 3 hour online live class that will take place on Jan 27th and Jan 30th, 2024 at 1pm EST. 
(This class is required to move forward in Film School)
SALE PRICE - $199 (normally $399)

Once you take the online class, it's time for some in-person, hands-on learning! This will not be a styled shoot but we will be shooting film all day long in different lighting situations. (indoors and outdoors) Experimenting with the different film stocks and techniques is how you learn your style instead of just copying what someone else is doing. Gone is the day of Fuji400h and the Contax as the holy grail. Film has so much more to offer! 
Feb. 19th, Orlando, FL 9-5pm - $650 (normally $900)
$325 due now, $325 due Jan. 1st

If you are serious about learning film, this mastermind is for you! 12 weeks of challenges & assignments. 6 live (1.5 hr) zoom calls for questions and feedback and so much more.  I have learned that we need to constantly seek inspiration and creativity to avoid burnout and shooting film is perfect for that. This mastermind begins on Feb. 28th and ends on May 22nd. SALE Price is $299 down with 3 more payments of $299 in March, April & May.

Travel with me to some of the most beautiful places in Europe and shoot it all on Film.
Selling and licensing my art has opened up a new world of passive income allowing me to slow down and retire from weddings. Friends, I want this for you as well. This is a brand new offering that will be available in the fall of 2024. For more info, click the link below to be added to our list and stay in the know!  I'm so excited for this new edition to my film education line-up, it's like the icing on the cake!

Buy Now!
More info
Buy Now!
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